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Gabriel Holysz is a concept and experience designer, and founder of the
GHB Institute.


He strives to express human emotions and experiences in function-driven
solutions that convince, challenge, and connect at every level.


His concepts and designs are driven by his interest in the subconscious perception of reality. Unbound to any single medium, his expertise spans digital design for apps and websites, 3D design, and architectural and artistic inventions.


He was awarded the Paul Schuitema Prize and the prize for Best Graduation Project across all design disciplines at the Royal Academy of the Art in the Hague for his work on the GHB Institute, of which he is the founder.


Gabriel’s process is fueled by his passion for visual anthropology. Deeply curious about human instinct and intuition, he uses analysis to measure how his designs work and flow on multiple levels—physically and functionally, but also emotionally and subconsciously. He is especially fascinated by how people subconsciously understand abstract concepts and instinctively respond to design.


Sculpture, the human body, and mirror images are some of the recurring inspirations for his creative work. He dreams of creating experiences for Berghain and Disneyland someday.


He lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Gabriel Holysz


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